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How to Play Three Different Exotic Versions of Poker

Wed 19 July 2017 How to Play Three Different Exotic Versions of Poker

There are many different forms of poker played through out the world. You may be used to the version you play with you friends at home. However, you may not be familiar with some of the more exotic variations of this classic card game you have seen played at different casinos. For those wishing to learn how to play some of these variations, here is a brief over view of how to play three of them.

This is one form of poker you may have not heard of. While it is declining in popularity, it is still played in many casinos across the globe and is particularly popular on the internet.

Red dog poker is very distinct from traditional poker. For one, a player will only be dealt three cards. To play the game, you should first make a bet. As with most table games, there will be a minimum bet you must make. After the bet is made, the player will be dealt two cards.

Once these two cards are dealt, one of two things can happen. If the cards are both the same, say two kings, the hand is considered a push. The player’s bet will be returned. If the cards are not the same, the player must make a decision about whether or not to “hit” and take another card.

The goal here is to be dealt a third card that lays in-between the two other cards rank wise. For example, if you’re first two cards were a 7 and a jack, being dealt a 10 means you won. The closer the first two cards are to each other, the higher the winnings will be if the player draws a card that is in-between them.

Backgammon online accompanies players from their first acquaintance with the game until becoming pros. Backgammon websites introduce backgammon rules, strategies, tips and comprehensive information; they let you practice your skill with fun games before joining the advanced league, where you can start winning real money in backgammon tournaments and matches.

Pai gow poker is another seemingly strange offshoot of the classic card game. Part of its distinctiveness is the amount of cards you receive while playing. However, instead of receiving fewer cards like red dog poker, you actually receive more.

To play, a person must first make a bet. That player will then receive seven cards. From these seven cards, you must make two hands. One hand should have five cards like the standard poker hand. The second hand should only have two cards.

When you form the two hands, you have to make sure that your five card hand is better. For example, if you have one pair of queens and nothing else, those queens would be placed into the five card hand. Next, you will have to place your cards down on the table.

The dealer then shows you her own two hands. If your two hands beat her two hands, you win. If you only beat one hand, it is a push.

Lastly, another popular poker variation is Caribbean stud poker. Like red dog poker and pai gow poker, this game is played against the house instead of other players.

Also like the other two games, you must make a minimum bet. This bet will be placed on the space on the table marked “ante.” However, the game also allows for additional bets. You may be able to choose to place a bet to win a progressive jackpot.

Like regular poker, the dealer will give you five cards. The dealer will also have five cards with all but one of those five facing down. After looking at your cards, you have a choice. You can fold or choose to double your bet and keep playing. If you fold, you will lose your bet. When you place your cards down, the dealer will reveal her remaining four cards.

The dealer must have at least an ace-king combination. If not, the player automatically wins. If the dealer has at least the ace-king combination or something better, the house has a strong chance of winning the game. The player will now show her hand. If the player’s hand is better than the dealer’s hand, that player will win.

Developing strategies for playing this game is possible, and they may in fact give you an edge. One strategy followed by many who play this game is to fold whenever the player receives nothing better than an ace-king combination and to play the hand when that player has at least a pair.

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