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Gambling Consultancy Firm Falsely Claims Guam Office

Mon 21 August 2017 Gambling Consultancy Firm Falsely Claims Guam Office

The ‘Guam office’ phone line for an international gaming consultancy is out of service. And a generic voice recording answers at the published fax number. Recent published reports revealing that Spectrum Gaming Group maintains offices across Asia raise questions as to why a multifaceted service agency with strong ties to legal gambling would bother mentioning to website visitors and news media that it still maintains offices on Guam — when its given contact numbers aren’t even operational.

The Asia Connection

According to its corporate website, Spectrum Gaming Group affiliate Spectrum OSO Asia operates offices in Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, Macau and Guam.

And as recently as Sunday, it was still being reported online that the Spectrum Gaming Group of Linwood, New Jersey was operating a sister company with an office on Guam.

Press of Atlantic City reported on September 13 that Spectrum OSO Asia “is based in Bangkok, and has offices in China, Japan, the Philippines and Guam.”

But less than three weeks earlier, an official Spectrum Gaming Group L.L.C. news release posted by PRNewswire made no mention of a Guam location among a list of six other Asia locations, including Bangkok, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Macau, Manila and Tokyo.

So the question remains. Does Spectrum maintain a branch office on Guam or not? If not, did it ever? If so, when? And why don’t the listed phone and fax numbers work?

Will Gaming Ever Be Realistic — Anywhere In The Marianas?

In a tropical resort environment where casinos would seem like a natural choice for an island that has suffered steep declines in arrivals — and is now subsisting on slipping tourism, small business, federal assistance (and the hope of a much-anticipated military buildup) right along the outer perimeter of casino-hungry Asia — it may surprise outsiders to know that gambling proponents have met stiff resistance from Guam’s moral authorities in recent years.

Casino gambling initiatives have been defeated by the Catholic Church, by anti-gaming groups and voters in consecutive elections on Guam. And despite years of effort, a legalized casino industry has failed to take off in the Marianas archipelago that stretches north of Guam within the inhabited islands of the CNMI.

Spectrum’s Links To The Marianas

Apparently, some of the Spectrum group’s top corporate officers are familiar with the lay of the land out here in the Western Pacific.

According to, Spectrum OSO Asia CEO William E. O’Reilly “is an acknowledged expert in the investigation of white collar crime, organized crime and political corruption. He has extensive investigative experience in the United States, Japan, Micronesia and South East Asia.”

Press of Atlantic City reports that Spectrum Gaming co-founder Fred Gushin once consulted on Tinian, whose fledgling casino ‘industry’ has never materialized and whose lone industry operation, the cavernous Tinian Dynasty Hotel & Casino has often been described as a ghost town. Press of Atlantic City describes the circumstances that led Gushin to the island in the early ’90s, before the Dynasty was built, and perhaps around the time of Tinian’s first roll of the dice, a much smaller ill-fated outfit called the Lone Star Casino.

Gushin started as a deputy attorney general with the state Division of Gaming Enforcement in 1978, the year legal gaming debuted in Atlantic City, and in his 13 years with the agency rose to assistant director and assistant attorney general.

He left the DGE in 1991. Restricted from working within the state in any related industry for four years, he went to Tinian in the Northern Mariana Islands (which include Guam) to act as a gaming adviser.

Perhaps referring in part to its ties to Guam, Tinian and Micronesia, Spectrum’s August PRNewswire release states, in part, “Spectrum clients include national, state and Native American governments; casino operators, developers, Wall Street investment banks, attorneys, architects and others who need reliable research and analysis.

About Spectrum

The Press of Atlantic City describes Spectrum Gaming as “a global gaming research and analysis firm” headquartered in Linwood, New Jersey (about ten miles outside of Atlantic City).

The PRNewswire release also says the company “was named to the list of the annual Inc. 5,000 Fastest Growing Private Companies in America by Inc. magazine.”

Hoovers, an online business information service owned by Dunn & Bradstreet, shows the company earned annual sales revenues of $6 million in 2008 with four employees in Linwood and 15 total employees.

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